Personal Floatation Devices

Overview of Project Group
The FISG Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Project group aims to;
  • Educate and train all UK fishermen in the hazards of falling over the side the drowning.
  • To design and procure an effective PFD for UK fishermen.
  • To provide, where possible a funded PFD to all UK fishermen.

Project members

  Project Lead Nigel Blazeby (MCA)
  Scotland Derek Cardno (SFF)
  Northern Ireland Dick James (NIFPO)
  Rest of UK Simon Potten (Seafish)
Robert Greenwood (NFFO)
David Dickens (RNMDSF)
  Rollout Frankie Horne (RNLI)
  PFD Manufacture/supply Jane Goodwin (Mullion)
  Technical Issues Paul Scottter (MCA)

The project team meet as required, last meeting 10 Dec 2014.

Progress to date

In 2012 the project group started working with safety specialists Mullion; the PFDs that evolved features a new lightweight, compact design, which has taken on board feedback from fishermen. The Compact 150 PFD is now the project team ‘preferred’ PFD. The PFD is ISO 12402 compliant and is proving fit for purpose. It can be fitted with a light and provides 150N of support.

Link to Mullion

Fishermen in Scotland

The Scottish Fishermen's Federation has secured EFF funding to provide PFDs for every commercial fishermen in Scotland, subject to them having completed the four mandatory basic safety training courses. For further information on future demonstration and collection events. Email SFF

Fishermen in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

The National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations has secured EFF funding to distribute 1,000 PFDs to its members. All of these have been distributed. The Fishermen's Mission has secured EFF funding to provide a further 840 PFDs to the remaining fishermen in Northern Ireland. All of these have been distributed. A further 1000 PFDs have been distributed by Seafish, the Fishermen's Mission and the RNLI to fishermen in England and Wales. Seafish has also secured funding from EFF and other sources to purchase/ supply PFDs for distribution for the remaining fishermen in England.

If you would like a PFD?

This link provides information to fishermen on obtaining PFDs.


Annual serving or replacement (if required) is the skipper/ owner/ individual’s responsibility. A link to service agents recommended by Mullion is here.

However the Mullion PFD may be serviced by any competent lifejacket/ PFD service agent.

Crew of the fishing vessel LAPWING wearing PFDs provided by SFF
Crew of the fishing vessel ‘LAPWING’ wearing PFDs provided by SFF.


The PFD project group works to improve the numbers of UK Fishermen wearing PFDs whilst on Deck through, education, design and supporting cultural change.